Delov Digital is an independent studio mastering the cross-genre art style.

Using the digital-imaging technology as a creative and meaningful medium, they have created several award-winning: TV commercials, advertising, music videos, animations, brand images and  prints for the entertainment industry. Combining visual seduction with provocative narrative is the signature style of Delov Digital!

The artist duo behind the studio: Anita Dorner and Valentin Delov Bajkov, has an endless motivation to explore new visual territories. In the early 2000s they started out with creating groundbreaking content for outlets like the Hungarian Playboy, game-changing design for exhibitions, galleries, and many TV productions.
Their biggest challenge now is to debut their new short film and to open their exhibition in the Budapest Operetta.

Their creative process: works from different genres bring in the inspiration, they affect other projects by also blurring the boundaries between commercials and art, oil paintings and CG graphics, animation and moving image; and of course design in any channel.

Delov Digital is on a constant search after new visual mixtures to realize; in any genre, anytime, in any of their universes…

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